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Collected in one special PDF issue of S.W.A.T., all of our in-depth gun reviews from 2014! From compact pistols like the Kahr PM45 to precision rifles such as ArmaLite's AR-30A1, and from recent releases like Glock's Model 41 to revitalized classics like Robar's custom Garand, there's something here for you.

We searched through the issues from 2014 and have compiled some of our favorite firearm evaluations, including pistols, shotguns and rifles, with calibers ranging from .22 LR to .30-06.

While the hardware is important, the software is paramount. So in true S.W.A.T. style, this special digital issue is not just about the firearms: we have also included some weapon-related articles with valuable training tips.

Any issue of S.W.A.T. would be incomplete without the writings of Louis Awerbuck, and we have included the piece we have received more requests to reprint than any other. His article I AM THE BULLET first appeared in the December 2004 issue, was reprinted in the December 2014 issue, and is timeless in its relevance.

S.W.A.T. has built a reputation over the years as the most trusted source on the topics of weapons, tactics, training, and preparedness. Numerous readers have told us they keep every issue for reference, so subscribers may have already read these articles, but they are here in one handy archive without having to search through individual issues.

Guns Of SWAT 2014 Special Edition PDF

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Callum t.
Awesome read! Awesome pictures! Thanks SWAT!