The TNV/Sentinel BNVS is a unique night vision system, adaptable to the needs of Warfighters, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Civilian Sportsmen alike.  Designed in direct response to the ground deployment of ANVIS Aviation Goggles (and their subsequent breakage due to not being rugged enough for that environment), the TNV/Sentinel provides the operator with a ton of useful features not found in other systems.  The Sentinel program was developed by Adams Industries as a way to provide ground forces with an up-armored version of their coveted ANVIS goggles.  Special Operations Forces have long used ANVIS goggles on the ground because of the superior performance of the optics and tubes compared to conventional systems.  But, aviation goggles were never designed to be deployed outside the protection of a cockpit and their more fragile nature has been a bane to SOF units.  Enter the Sentinel.

Manufacturer: Adams Industries (OEM)
Dimensions: 4.5″(L) x 4.7″(W) x 2.9″(H) – Dovetail Installed, 4.5″(L) x 4.7″(W) x 4.0″(H) – Ball Detent Installed
Weight: 20.8 oz. (Dovetail), 23.1 oz. (Ball Detent)
Finish: Matte Black or FDE, Corrosion Resistant
Power: One (1) CR123 3V Lithium Battery (Dovetail) or External ANVIS Battery Pack (AA/CR123)
Battery Life: Approx. 30 Hours at Room Temp. w/ Standard CR123
Waterproof: 66′
Standards: MIL-STD-810F Compatible
Warranty: 2 Year Warranty (Tube and System)
Operating Temp: -40°F to 113°F
Storage Temp: -58°F to 140°F
Generation: Gen3 U.S. OMNI VIII
Intensifier Tubes: L-3 MX10160 Infinity (x2)
Resolution: 64 lp/mm (Typical)
Film: Thin-Film
Gate: Auto
Gain: Automatic Brightness Control
Magnification: 1X
FOV: 40º
Objective Lens: F/1.2
Ocular Lens: EFL 25mm
Diopter: +2 to -6
Focus: 9.8″ to Infinity
Included: Tube/System Data Sheet, Soft Carry Case, Operator’s Manual, Neck Cord, Objective & EP Lens Caps (X2), Eye Cups (X2), Demist Shields (X2), Sacrificial Windows (X2), Tissue, One Lithium CR123 Battery, Dovetail Mounting Adapter, Ball Detent Mounting Adapter

TNVC / Sentinel Binocular Night Vision System - L-3 OMNI VIII - Up-Armored Aviation-Style Goggle


Available as a tee, v-neck, tank, sweatshirt & hoodie.

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