This hardcover log book has space for over 50 training events to be recorded in great detail. The book also features over 25 collected essays from some of the top Instructors in the world on the topic of training. These essays contain valuable information for those interested in, attending or evaluating a training course or their own training regimen. With spaces for all of the important data you should record for any defensive or tactical training event including Instructor, Location, Dates, Topics Covered, Classmate Contact Information and Equipment Used. There is also a full page space available for notes, diagrams or pictures from each event recorded. Training events that can be recorded are almost limitless, including firearms courses, martial arts training, trade events attended, training conferences, private practice sessions and even related books or videos purchased and watched. The Training Log Book will become a cherished record or your training and development.

Training Log Book

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Available as a tee, v-neck, tank, sweatshirt & hoodie.

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